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Values, life change, Crazy scary goals....

 I am part of a group of amazing women on facebook lead by an even more amazing woman Laura Fudge....if you don't know her you should.... You can follow her here:  Instagram or her Website .   She asked us to write a few things down.... and it really started my thinking wheel. Here are my answers. 

My main values:
I have a long list of values that have grown especially as i get older and name my top few id have to say: authenticity, empathy, strength, and respect.

Something that changed your life:
So many things that I have conquered in my life molded me to be who I am today. I could write a book on how each experience changed my life and guided me onto the path I am currently walking. To stay more current, I would have to say, the sudden death of my daughters Dad a year ago. It changed so much for me. My outlook on life and how precious and short it is made me realize I wasn't stuck in my situation. It almost prepared me for the downfall of my business due to covid-19, and led me to move my daughter and I from Michigan to North Carolina. It has allowed me to look more within myself and realize that the world had so much more to offer the both of us and that my journey and purpose in life hadn't ended. There is something amazing happening here that I haven't put my finger on yet but I feel it building like a rainbow emerging through a powerful storm.

Crazy scary goals you might have:
I want to write a book. I've been saying it for years. I am working on more self love and by doing so worrying less about what everybody wants from me and what they think I should be doing and focusing more on what I want from myself and for my kid. I want to travel more. I want to make a difference in this world and speak my truth... to help others see their own bullshit and move through it to a better understanding of their strength, power, authenticity and focus less on how the outside world is influencing their happiness and successes.


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